Friday, January 21, 2011

Catching Up

Well, it's been a rough couple months & I'm catching up on things finally. I have received some emails asking if I'll be writing more and to answer them here and via email. I work a job outside the home & had to adjust to that, but now I'm ready to start updating my blog again.  I know of you that are reading and not a follower, so please become a follower. I've been asked by those readers what that means? It means you will get a email when I post here, so you can stay updated and helps me to keep track of my traffic here:)
Without giving to much away on here, I have a extremely large cookie order (it's a surprise for some people who shall remain nameless..for now), because I know a couple of you are my anonymous readers. I'll be walking you thru (pictures too) the whole process of making apprx 20 dozen cookies for some well deserving people!