Thursday, November 4, 2010

All I want for Christmas

  You know the song, I'm sure.  Well that rings true this year for my little girl. She lost her first tooth today, not her front teeth, but one on the bottom. Oh, they grow up so fast!! So I'm surprising her with a little treat to take into her Kindergarten class on Monday, (which is the next day she has school here due to ptc). I've already started baking today for her, can you guess what I'm making...I'll give you a clue..

So My dough is made and chilled and I've begun to bake. I have a dozen all baked up and plan on doing a dozen more but not tonight, baby Gus has decided he needs me 'not' to put him down at all this evening so I'm finished baking tonight,  and as we all know, the baby is the boss, lol.
 I've snapped a picture of the little bit of mess I made today, (that I've yet to clean up), but it will wait til morn. My boss says " it's not happening tonight mom;)"  It's all worth it though, he's so sweet here's a picture of him on Halloween at our anual village Cider time. It's Halloween, although he's wearing his Thanksgiving hat.
Oh and here's what I get to wake up to in the morning.
  I hate waking up to dirty dishes, but we're just not up to doing them tonight *at least it's not a huge mess.* Oh and see my cookie jar in the back? Yes, It's the Incredibles. My son loves the Incredibles and somehow I ended up with the cookie jar of them in my kitchen. (I wanted the cookie jar for him, don't know what I was thinking.  I can't put it in his room, it would be broke from him constantly checking to see if there's cookies in it, so it ended up in my kitchen and I don't even use it for cookies...there's cupcake wrappers in it, lol.