Saturday, November 6, 2010

So Far

  I have only made 4 different kinds of decorated cookies and the list below will show what I've made thus far and my and others opinions about them.
  Oh I've made tons of cookies and lots of cut out cookies, but honestly before the past 2 weeks my idea of decorating a cookie was buying a can of frosting and gobbing on sprinkles. So really I've made tons of cookies over the years, making my dough from scratch, but I've only truly decorated/designed 4 and those are all in my blog here.
  • The first cookie I decorated was the webs in my cookie index at the top of this page. (Sorry for the horrible picture it was taken with my cell phone). There are tons of this design on the internet and they were fairly easy so I thought oh I'll make some more Halloween cookies and thus came..
  • The Skeletons (also in the cookie index above).  I seen these so adorable cookies on Bridget's blog, bake at 350. I loved the way she did her's but wanted to do it a bit different since my kids wanted chocolate cookies. So I made a chocolate cookie, skipped the flooding, and used white RI to make the skeletons. Now this was tedious work and not all of them are perfect, but the kids loved them at our Halloween Party. The tip I used though was a bit to big I think, and I really need a fine tip (my smallest is a 3) but I'm sure they must come in smaller sizes, I'll have to check that out. My opinion (don't try to do very detailed work when your a beginner, start with something like the leaves below)
  • The Maple leaves-Now this cookie is a big cookie. I used my Wilton Maple leaf cushion grip cutter for this one and in my opinion it makes a nice big cookie. Easy for beginners to decorate without having to worry about piping small spaces.
  • The Tooth-Well, as I said in my post below these are special request *via my daughter* Again a Wilton's Plastic cookie cutter. Not a tiny space, to work in so that's a good thing. I piped, flooded and put a little face on them, that was it, easy but oh boy did I keep making boo boo's with these easy little guys. Just silly little things I would mess up like, finish up one, push it to the side and grab another. Well all was going well until I had 20-25 teeth in front of me and I was running out of room on my counter to slide wet ones over when I was finished. It was late and I was on my last few cookies and when I went to (oh so carefully) sit the finished cookie towards the back of the pack of cookies on my counter and it made it to it's destination, I would bring my hand back to the front of the pack of drying cookies and had my tv on in the kitchen and at the same time looked at the tv...feeling something, I turned and looked and I had my hand to low and stuck my finger in a wet cookie, ughh!! I fixed it (wasn't easy to fix half wet RI), but I managed, The bad part was 'I did it again!!' Oh I was so mad, that darn tv, lol. t had to go off and I needed to get done or my daughter wasn't going to have her tooth cookies. If I was selling these I would have had to start all over so happily I don't. So to conclude this long post, my opinion is to make sure you have plenty of space to work to decorate before you start, (I should've just moved them to my kitchen table to sit down and do them) but didn't want to move them all. That'll teach me, huh? 

        Real quick though I did manage to make a double batch of RI, here's the bowl just after I made it. Now it's all tucked away, cozied in with its plastic wrap blanket for the night (or 2) and sealed with a lid.
          My next project is basketball cookies another request from older daughter for her team, I have a idea in mind, we'll see if it works (no tv though).