Sunday, November 21, 2010

Challah or Hallah Bread

Challah or Hallah bread (However you prefer to spell it), was on my list of things to make for the Thanksgiving holiday. I made 3 loaves, and boy was it hard!! See how I had to knead the bread, I worked so hard at this!
Okay, okay so I'm busted, huh! Lol, so I had some help with the kneading, but I did work hard to get my little helper centered in the picture;)
Really though if you get a chance to make this, it's super easy. The longest parts is the rising times, there's 3 one hour intervals of rising time for each loaf. Oh and look here's the ingredients, all of which we usually have in our cabinets.

We made quite the mess in my kitchen, but it was worth it! The smell from the oven was awesome, and we ended up eating a loaf tonight with dinner, so I guess I'm making more before Thanksgiving.
Here's the finished bread, fresh out of the oven and cooling on a wire rack. I'll update the recipe section soon with the recipe and step by step instructions with pictures.