Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tooth Fairy

  Well, I finished the tooth cookies for my daughter's kindergarten class. It was late last night when I finally finished them. The things I've learned when baking/decorating cookies and the silly mistakes I've done when making them, I could write a blog about, ha;) Okay well here's some of the cutouts of dough, ready for baking.
  Here's the finished cookies. My daughter came down the stairs this morning, she was thrilled!! Although, there's flaws on them because of those 'mistakes', live and learn, right?  (I will do a seperate post on the do's/dont's or my do's/dont's lol). *All of my pictures are totally unedited (except for the size. Most are taken at night, that way I don't have the kids trying to jump in every picture. Anyway, I know my pictures aren't up to my standard pictures, but you get the idea:)