Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ingredients & agenda to make 264 cookies

So here we go!
The final count is 22 dozen, which is 264 cookies!
These cookies are Valentine's Day cookies and they are needed by the week of Monday, February 7th. 
First, I'm figuring how much and what ingredients I'll need. As a rough guesstimate I figure that one batch of dough will make apprx. a dozen cookies (for the style I'm making). So I'll be making 22 batches of cookie dough. Each individual dozen will have an estimate of of  half of the cookies being sugar style and half of the cookies being chocolate. To sum it up I'll need to make 11 batches of Sugar and 11 batches of Chocolate dough. There will be 2 special design cookies for each dozen and the other 10 in the dozen will be various kinds of hearts.
I want the cookies to be as fresh as possible, so I'm thinking I'll start mixing dough and baking them around the 26th-27th of January. Which it will take quite some time to make and cool  all the cookies. My guess is about 3 days for this part of the process. Which then I'll be heading into the first part of February and when all the cookies are baked and cooled the decorating will begin!